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                    MEP Manager/Assistant Project Manager

                    2021-09-30 Macau Not limited to


                    • The successful delivery of Mechanical,      Electrical, Security, IT, Plumbing, Fire Services Elements of the project.

                    • Monitoring the quality, schedule, risk      management control, production and management of the entire construction process      with focus on the MEP discipline.

                    • Reviewing overall status of the MEP      works reporting on the progress of all MEP aspects of the project and      recommending corrective actions where needed.

                    • Coordinate with Clients, Architects,      Project Consultants and Sub-contractors.


                    ·        Degree holder in Mechanical / Electrical Engineering or equivalent

                    ·        Solid experience in the field for at least 10 years

                    ·        Fluent in both written and spoken English and Cantonese

                    ·        Has a thorough understanding of the scope, contractual arrangement and financial parameters we have entered into and this is reflected in the services trade packages.

                    ·        Less experiences may be considered as Assistant MEP Project Manager

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